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The Origin

Minister of Ministry of Education and Human Resources, Tertiary Education and Scientific Research, 2017

This BA (Hons) Programme was mounted in collaboration with Board of Investment (BOI) and Mauritius Film Development Cooperation (MFDC) based on a demand from the Industry. The Government of Mauritius through BOI wants to promote the Film Industry through various incentives including the Film Rebate Scheme to make Mauritius more attractive to international film makers. Quoting the Scheme page info from MFDC website:
As per the scheme, Government will contribute 30 per cent of the Qualified Production Expenditures (QPEs) incurred in Mauritius by a film producer with respect to the shooting of a film. The QPEs will include transport, accommodation, manpower, catering and the hiring of equipment and premises in Mauritius the QPEs will, however, be exclusive of sponsorship.The scheme is being administered by the Board of Investment (BOI)

Source: Film Rebate Scheme Page – MFDC website – http://www.mauritiusfilm.mu – March 2017.

(Left to Right) Mr. Riyad Dhuny (UTM) , Mr. Nanda Narrainen (BOI), Mr. Amoordalingum Pather (MBC), Mrs Leela Devi Dookun-Luchoomun, (Min. of Tertiary Education), Dr. (Mrs) Sharmila Pamela Seetulsingh-Goorah (UTM) ,Mr. Sachin Jootun (MFDC), Dr. Vinaye Armoogum (UTM),Mr. Vinay Bacorisen (MFDC)

This Programme is run under the Department of creative Arts Film and Media Technologies (CAFMT) , a newly formed department coinciding with the launch of our new programme.The BA (Hons) Film & Video Production was officially launched on Thursday 6th April 2017 at the Rajiv Gandhi Science Centre.