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Quality Assurance Unit


The Quality Assurance Unit, has been established in October 2005, within the Office of The Director General and  is managed by D.Venethethan, the Quality Assurance Officer.


The Unit is responsible for
+ Further Developing Quality Assurance Systems
+ Interacting with all groups of staff on QA issues
+ Leading the preparations for Internal / External Audits
+ Further developing databases and Management Information Systems
+ Producing Quality Assurance Reports

An important part of our role is the publishing and maintenance of the University's Quality Assurance Handbooks and the set of Regulations. The Regulations, the Staff QA Handbook and the Student QA Handbook, bring together those policies and documents which together comprise the University's Quality and Standards Framework.

The Unit also aims at promoting a quality culture across the institution and at creating a sense of common ownership. If you feel that some processes are not appropriate or are not effective, kindly liaise with the Quality Assurance Unit.

 D. Venethethan

Quality Assurance Documents

Last Updated : 28 August 2012