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International Students




Application Deadline for International Students: 15 August 2022
Expected Start date:  17 October 2022


  • Complete the application form using a black pen
  • Ensure all sections are filled in
  • Ensure that your personal details are clear (especially email, telephone and address)
  • Sign and date the application form
  • Attach copies of your Secondary School Certificate (O level and A level)
  • Copies of certificates should be certified through  copy by Notary in your country. There should be evidence of equivalence of ‘O’ Level,GCE ‘O’Level in GCE ‘A’ Level respectively with Cambridge Examination Syndicate for ‘O’ and ‘A’ level to be provided by competent authority from applicants country of origin. For instance from Ministry of Education, National Qualifications Authority or National Equivalence Council.
  • Attach copies of your Certificates and Diplomas
  • Attach copies of any other certificates that may help your application
  • Attach references: Either School leaving certificate and one reference from your school or - Two references, at least one from the school you last attended
  • Send the completed application form and supporting documents to the office.
  • After you have met all the conditions you will then be sent an “offer letter” which means a place has been reserved for you

It takes 2-4 weeks to receive offer letter

Once application has been processed, an Offer Package is sent, which consists of:

  1. Letter of Offer
  2. Invoice, with Terms of Payment
  3. Visa Application Form and Checklist of required documents
  4. UTM Housing Services Options


Acceptance of offer -:Students accept by paying the deposit stated as per the offer letter. This confirms the student's place at the University and is also required for visa application. Submit your deposit of tuition fees along with a photocopy of your passport details page.

  1. The application 'Form to Enter Mauritius' to be filled and signed by the applicant (original letter required) - download application form http://passport.govmu.org
  2. Two recent passport size photographs
  3. Copy of the data pages of the passport of the applicant
  4. Letter of offer, specifying the detail of the course enrolled for (Copy)
  5. Sponsor letter from parent/sponsor stating that they will be financially responsible for the applicant during his/her stay in Mauritius as student (original letter required)
  6. Evidence of funds to meet costs of training from applicant's sponsor to prove that the applicant has access to sufficient funds to cover all the expenses associated with his/her training at UTM (original bank statements required)
  7. Accommodation letter signed by the owner of the house/flat to prove where the student will be staying in Mauritius (original letter required)
  8. In case of a minor, a letter of consent from the responsible parties/guardian to be produced


We strongly recommend that you visit your local doctor and have a medical check for the below mentioned conditions on ‘COMPLETE MEDICAL TESTS IN MAURITIUS AND RECEIVE STUDENT VISA’ before coming to Mauritius. If you are found to have infringed any of the above conditions whilst you are in Mauritius, the provisional entry permit will be cancelled and you will be required to leave Mauritius within two (2) weeks.
The above documents are required by the Passport and Immigration Office (PIO) in Mauritius and we will submit those along with the following documents to the PIO, Port Louis, for the issue of your visa:

  • Original letter of admission from UTM
  • Receipt for the payment of tuition fees


  • Once the documents have been sent to the Passport and Immigration Office (PIO), and that the application is successful, the PIO will notify UTM by sending an "Entry Permit to Mauritius" for a period of 3 months for the prospective student.
  • A provisional student visa for a period of 3 months will be granted to the student, provided that he/she

o    is in possession of a valid travel document

o    holds a valid return passage ticket to travel back to his/her country of origin or residence and

o    has adequate funds to meet the cost of his/her stay

  • Once the Entry Permit is received by UTM, a scanned copy of the Entry Permit will be sent to the student by email and, once he/she is in Mauritius, the original entry visa will be handed over to him/her.


Medical Test in Mauritius

The student is also requested to produce to the Passport and Immigration Office within one month as from the date of his/her arrival, a medical certificate by any private Laboratory/Clinic/Hospital in Mauritius certifying that he/she is not suffereing from HIV,Hepatitis B, Heart disease and Chest Infection.

Duration of Visa

Once the Passport Office receives the Medical Tests which confirm that the student is not suffering from any of the diseases listed above, it will send the visa of the student to UTM. The duration of the visa will be normally for a minimum of one year, depending on the course chosen, and renewable every year, provided that the student is still registered with UTM the following year.