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Financial Institutions / Organisations Proposing Educational Loans

No Bank Address Contact Person / Phone Number Website
1 The Mauritius Commercial Bank Sir William Newton Street, Port Louis To any branch, 2026060 www.mcb.mu
2 SBM Bank (Mauritius) State Bank Tower, 1 Queen Elizabeth II Avenue, Port Louis To any branch, 2070111 www.sbmgroup.mu
3 The Hong Kong and Shanghai Bankiung Cooperation Limited (HSBC) HSBC Centre, 18 Cyber City, Ebene Mr. Kushal - Customer Care, 2038333 www.hsbc.co.mu
4 Bramer Banking Cooperation Ltd 1, Queen Street, Place D' Armes, Port-Louis 4054400 www.bramerbank.mu
5 Bank One Limited 16, Sir William Newton Street, Port - Louis 2029200 www.bankone.mu
6 Mauritius Post and Cooperative Bank Ltd Lot 25, Bank Street, Cybercity, Ebene Call Centre Team, 4059400 www.mpcb.mu
7 Banque des Mascaraignes Ltee Maeva Tower, Corner Bank Street and Silicon Avenue, Lot 23, Ebene 2078643 www.banquedesmascareignes.mu
8 ABC Banking Cooperation Ltd WEAL House, Duke of Edinburgh, Avenue Place D' Armes, 11328, Port-Louis 2080088, 2113091 www.ABCBanking.mu
9 Employees Welfare Fund 6th Floor, Moorgate House, Sir William Newton Street, Port-Louis Ms. Hemlata Conhyedass, 2088353 www.ewf.mu


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