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Find all information for existing UTM Students

Access Email, Results, Semester and Exam Timetable

Student Semester Timetable

School of Business, Management and Finance (SBMF) 


The following programmes MBA Logistics and Supply Chain Management and MBA Human Resource and Knowledge Management will not be run.

Notice to Students:

  • Semester starts on 5 March 2019
  • Kindly note that the allocation of rooms outside UTM, i.e; BPML, La Tour Koenig, Pte aux Sables
  • To continuously check for update Time table before attending lectures
  • Deadline for submission of request for Exemption - 19 March 2019

Tentative Semester Time Table (Existing and New cohort)

Last Updated: 14 March 2019

School of Health Sciences (SHS) 


  • The following programmes: Diploma in Sports Training Coaching and Exercise & Diploma in Bioanalytical Laboratory Technology will start as from Monday 18 March 2019.
  • Timetable is subject to change, hence students are advised to check the UTM websites for updates on timetable before attending lectures

Please download Tentative Timetable – Semester 1 Academic Year 2019 & Semester 2 Academic Year  2018/2019

Last Updated:12 April 2019

School of Innovative Technologies and Engineering (SITE) 

Notice to Students:

Students are requested to take note of the followings:

  • University resumes on 05 March 2019
  • To filter their respective cohorts
  • Time table may be subject to changes
  • To continuously check the UTM Website for updates before attending lectures


Last Updated: 14 March 2019

School of Sustainable Development and Tourism (SSDT) 

Notice to Students:

  • Yearwise/Cohortwise Timetable.
  • Please filter your respective cohort.
  • Kindly note that lectures will be conducted on UTM & BPML La Tour Koenig (ex Business Informatics Park) premises.
  • Lectures for BAHC/19A/FT, BOSHM/19A/FT and MCCHDM/19A/PT will start as from Monday 18 March 2019 (refer to timetable for details).
  • Note: Students are strictly advised to frequently check for updated timetable on the website before attending lectures.

Semester Timetable for March 2019:

Last Updated: 15 March 2019

Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word may be used to open/view the downloaded timetables



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