Consultancy and Technology Transfer Centre

Consultancy and Technology Transfer Centre

Consultancy and Technology Transfer Centre

The University of Technology, Mauritius (UTM) has set up the Consultancy and Technology Transfer Centre (CTTC) to promote the dissemination of skills, knowledge, and expertise of the University to industry, commercial organisations, and public bodies.

The CTTC operates under the Office of the Director General and is responsible for the coordination of the University Consultancy activities, management of the university Intellectual Property assets and the transfer of knowledge and technology to industry.

UTM provides Consultancy Services to local, regional, and international organisations from the pool of intellectual experts and professionals of the different schools in the following fields:

  • Business, Management, Finance and Entrepreneurship
  • Innovative Technologies, Community Science and Engineering
  • Sustainable Development Science and Tourism
  • Health and Sport Sciences

Responsibilities of the Consultancy and Technology Transfer Centre

The CTTC is responsible for following key activities   

    • Developing the Consultancy and Technology Transfer Policy of UTM;
    • Managing the consultancy services offered by the different schools;
    • Assisting academic with the development of proposals for consultancy;
    • Advising on costing and pricing for University Consultancy activities;
    • Supporting all consultancy activities which are in line with the University operational and strategic policies;
    • Facilitating the process of bringing research developments to market and managing the Intellectual Property Rights involved in the technology transfer process.
    • Coordinating with the industry, Public and Private Agencies for promotion of UTM professional resources for Consultancy Services;
    • Advising on Consultancy contracts.

Staff List


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Dr. Rajendrasingh ANNAUTH

Manager of Consultancy and Technology Transfer Centre
Mrs N Arnachellum (SITE EXams)


Administrative Officer