BSc (Hons) Applied Social Sciences with specialisation in Sociology

Embark for the social paradigm shift.

The norms and values guiding behavior in society are constantly undergoing changes, brought about by the rapid economic and technological advancement. The pressure being exerted on our social fabric is enormous. There is a need to study and understand the way society is organized and prepares itself to face these on-going adjustments. What influences people and society to act in a particular way and how these actions can be monitored and modified, need to be mastered, so as to be able to take pro-active measures to make our society a better place to live in.
The Bachelor of Applied Social Sciences provides students with skills and abilities pertinent to a variety of professional careers in the public and private sectors of employment. Students are encouraged to develop a theoretical insight to enable them to understand not only current developments in society and the workplace, but also to adapt and respond appropriately to future developments as they occur. In addition, the course is designed to enhance a number of generic skills highly valued by employers and important for the development of the individual, such as self-awareness, presentation and communication skills, and skills for the maintenance of learning and knowledge. This Degree can also be used as a stepping-stone for more specialized studies in a range of disciplines forming part of the social-sciences family.


Develop learning skills in an interdisciplinary environment
Experience breadth of disciplinary studies and intellectual processes.
Specialize in their chosen area of study.
Understand the cross-cultural issues of interdisciplinary study and teams.
Develop the personal qualities and attitudes needed for professional success.
Identify and understand the fundamental values that inform critical issues and decision making.


  • As per UTM ‘Admissions Regulations’ and ‘Admission to Programmes of Study at Degree Level’.


4 Lessons3 / 4 Years

Level 1

Computer Organisation & Architecture
Programming Concepts
Decision Mathematics
Professional Issues in ICT

Level 2

Pre-Level 3 Activity

Work Placement

Level 3