BSc (Hons) Sustainable Environmental Planning and Management

The sworn course for avid software developers who want to change the world!

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Career Prospects

  • You can aspire to work as software developer, web developer and mobile app developer.


Appreciate the functioning of a computer system and its operating systems
Understand the principles of data modelling
Solve problems through optimal modelling and implement solutions by developing applications
Design and develop network-based solutions
Communicate both orally and in writing using traditional and electronic media
Understand how a business is organised and relate to how ICT is ubiquitously applied across the different business functions
Identify and solve research problems in the software industry
Define, plan and monitor ICT projects in organisations
Design and develop interactive multimedia applications
Define and implement quality management systems in a software engineering environment
Develop web and mobile applications using a variety of technologies and architectures
Understand the concepts and applications of emerging technologies


  • ‘A’ Level in Mathematics or Computer Science.


4 Lessons3 / 4 Years

Level 1

Computer Organisation & Architecture
Programming Concepts
Decision Mathematics
Professional Issues in ICT

Level 2

Pre-Level 3 Activity

Work Placement

Level 3