MSc in Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility

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Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) are two key areas which are of fundamental importance to organizations aiming at sustainability. Corporate Governance is a dynamic area evolving fast and it is vital for practitioners to keep pace with the needs of a changing business environment. On the other hand, there is also an increasing emphasis on Corporate Social Responsibility and the recognition that organisations need to take into consideration the views and interests of all their stakeholders within their business environment so as to achieve sustainable progress. Failing to adhere to these two principles can be costly to organizations.
This programme aims at equipping professionals at mid and top management with the necessary knowledge and skills so as to be able to foster a sound business climate while responding to global organizational and economic challenges.

Career Prospects

  • Prepare professionals from both the public and private spheres to cope with the fast-evolving external environment of their businesses. The programme lays the focus on the principles of good governance, public/private/Non – Governmental Organisation partnership and focus on the involvement of society.


Provide participants with the required skills and knowledge in the areas of good governance and CSR
Develop the intellectual and technical capacities to enable participants to understand the importance of good governance and corporate social responsibility
Enable participants to have a good understanding of the implications of Corporate Social
Responsibility in an increasingly complex managerial and political context
Develop the participants’ ability to manage their businesses more efficiently with the effective engagement of stakeholders.


  • Candidates should have either of the following qualifications:
  • a) A Bachelor Degree from a recognized university or any other recognised institution of higher education.
  • or
  • b) Exceptionally candidates holding a Diploma from an approved Institution may be admitted with at least 3 years work experience.


13 Lessons2 years


Paradigm for Corporate Governance
Sustainability theories and principles
Corporate Social Responsibility
Research Methods
Stakeholder Relations
Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation
Corporate Governance and Financial Performance
Organisational Ethics and Leadership
Social Entrepreneurship
Innovative Practices in Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility
Socio-Environmental Behaviours for Sustainability
Corporate Governance and Forensic Accounting