Resource Centre

Resource Centre

The mission of the Resource Centre is to support effectively the teaching, research, and outreach missions of the university through leadership in acquiring, managing, and delivering information in an environment that fosters learning.

Services provided

Access to UTM Online Resources

Research Academy

UTM past Examination papers

To obtain Login credentials please contact the Resource Centre on the following email address:

    • The Resource Centre collection has now reached to 20,500 volumes, 30 journal and periodical titles and local newspapers, Non-print materials including electronic products such as CDS, DVDs, audiocassettes and videotapes are also available.


    • In the Reference Section one copy of all textbooks are available for consultation. This section also contains materials such as encyclopaedias, dictionaries, handbooks and past exams papers. Dissertations submitted in partial fulfillment of their respective undergraduate/postgraduate degrees can also be consulted in the Reference Section.


  • Click here to download the list of new books added (Donation of books by British Council)


Normal Working Days

Weekdays: 08.45 to 20.00 hrs
Saturdays: 09.00 to 16.00 hrs
Sundays & Public Holidays: Closed

Semester Break

Weekdays: 08.45 to 16.00 hrs
Saturdays: 09.00 to 13.00 hrs
Sundays & Public Holidays: Closed


Registered students of the University

Full-time and part-time staff

Members of the academic and executive bodies of the UTM

Visiting academic staff and researchers


Members are issued with a Student ID Card to gain access to the Resource Centre. This card is required for all loan transactions.

Every borrower is liable to compensate for loss or damage to any item of library material that is on loan in his or her name.

Every borrower is liable to compensate the University for loss or damage to any item of Library Material that is on loan in his/her name.

Resource Centre Material is considered lost when:
a. formally declared lost by the borrower
b. it is seriously damaged.

The replacement cost of the library material is based on the value of the item plus administrative charges as assessed by the Librarian.

The materials labeled as ‘REF’ are available only for consultation within the Resource Centre.

The loan period is governed by the type of Resource Centre materials as per table below : 

Type of Materials Item Limit Lending Period (Days) Renewal Period in Days
Books 2 14 7
Periodicals & Journals 1 3 2
Video Cassettes 1 3 3
Audio Cassettes 1 2 2
CD-ROMs 1 2 2

A fine of Rs 5.00 is applicable per item per day as from expiry date. Overdue fines continue to accrue on holidays and other days even when the Resource Centre is closed. 


Students are expected to behave properly and to respect the needs of others.

Silence is required throughout the Resource Centre

Smoking or consumption of food and drink within the Resource Centre premises is not permitted.

Mobile must be switched off before entering the Resource Centre and should not be used anywhere within the premises.

Users who are judged by Resource Centre Staff to create any disturbance, or to behave in an offensive manner, will be required to moderate their behavior or to leave the Resource Centre.

Users may bring their bags and other items into the Resource Centre only on the understanding that they keep them in places provided and at their own risk.


The Resource Centre is equipped with Camera Surveillance system.


If you have any questions about the use and facilities offered by the Resource Centre please contact our staff:


Ag. Librarian


Library Clerk


Library Attendant


Library Attendant