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The Office Super Intendency Unit of the University has the role of looking into functionality, comfort, safety, and efficiency of the built environment by integrating people, place, process, and technology. As a University, the main focus is to look into the students’ functionality and comfort in following classes in view of maximizing their experience at the campus and premises. The ‘Office of Superintendent’ which is under the prerogative of the facilities management cluster shall be involved in getting into policies & procedures, to get the maximum output with existing infrastructure and also bring innovation while looking into investments for the future infrastructure and facilities. The department remains the main point of contact to look into when the facilities available at the campus are faulty and whenever the students or staff believe that something is not functional as it should be. The main objective is to get the best fit solution with minimal disruption to the business continuity in providing online and face to face classes for the University of Technology, Mauritius. The model of deployment of the staff around the campus shall make the difference in view of targeting the most rapid service to the University in terms of solving the issues which may arise at any point in
The department looks after the listed below matters:
How the department support student, guests, visitors, stakeholders

The department is meant to resolve matters regarding infrastructure and any matter referred to as a ‘Facility’ in the premises, classrooms and compound. The students experience within the University is the main concern of this department in view to encourage them during their stay for their studies and promote the University for the future students.

“Our pledge to Students”

At University of Technology, Mauritius, we put students first. Our main priority remains the students’ experience at the University and hence the University targets the best fit solutions. The Office of the Facilities Management has the main objective to prioritize students to maintain a good balance between studies and students’ life at Campus. We look forward to enhance facilities across the University to ensure comfort and sense of belonging to our students and staff.

For complaints and information, please send an email to the [email protected] & [email protected]

Services offered to the University is mainly to the infrastructure and its assets which are generally kept for students experience within the compound and online classes. The vetting and approval of contracts to protect the interest of the University and also provide assistance to the existing offices within to benefit the best outcome in terms of office experience as well as for academic staff in classes.

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Mr. Yaseen GAUNGOO

Facilities Manager
Mrs. Rishma Lallbahadoor(Ag. AO SHS Exams)


Ag. Administrative Officer
Mrs S Jatooa (OS)

Mrs. Sharda JATOOA

Office Superintendent
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Mr. Abeedanand TAKA

Office Superintendent