Exam Entry Form

    Office Of The Registrar

    Exams Entry Form


    1. Only students who have paid their full current semester fees and having no outstanding balances for the previous semesters are eligible to fill in this form. However, students who have not discharged their financial obligations vis-à-vis UTM have a deadline of up to to do so, failing which UTM reserves the right to debar students from taking any examinations

    2. Eligible students are required to fill-in the form by clearly indicating all modules, including the final year
      dissertation and any special examinations. Students may liaise with the Exams Unit of their respective School for assistance.

    3. Failure to provide the above information completely and accurately may entail the students not to be admitted to the examination room.

    4. Failure to attend the scheduled examinations indicated on this form, will lead to a failure in the corresponding module/s.

    5. The duly filled form must be submitted to the Exams Unit of the School by , failing which students will be required
      to take the examination(s) with the next cohort as and when available, upon obtaining clearance from the Finance Section.

    6. It is the responsibility of all students to familiarise themselves and comply with the UTM Regulations relating to Examinations and relevant Policies.

    • I, the undersigned, have taken cognisance
      of the above and will strictly abide to them.

    Modules to be examined this Semester, including the dissertation for final year students

    Part A: Normal Examination