Director General’s Office

Quality Assurance Unit

The Quality Assurance Unit was set up in 2005 to handle Quality Assurance matters across the different Schools of the University. Since then, the Quality Assurance Unit, working in close partnership with the Schools and the Office of the Director General has continuously improved the Quality Systems in force at the University.
The importance of Quality Assurance at the University of Technology, Mauritius (UTM) is very high on the agenda. The Head of Quality Assurance reports to the Director General of the University and the Quality Assurance Unit falls under the Office of the Director General.
The Quality Assurance Unit led the 1st cycle institution audit in 2008 and the 2nd cycle institution audit in 2017, both conducted by the then Tertiary Education Commission (TEC). With the setting up of the Higher Education Commission and the Quality Assurance Authority, UTM shall soon undergo its 3rd cycle audit. A Quality Assurance (QA) Policy for the UTM has been approved in October 2022 with a view of sustaining the quality initiatives undertaken by the University at both academic and administrative levels. It is based on the basic principles that all staff members should provide a quality service at their respective level. Hence, all staff members should ensure the timely and effective implementation of all policies and regulations in force.
In accordance with the QA Policy, the University Quality Assurance Committee (UQAC) is thus constituted as follows:
  • Head of Quality Assurance (Chair)
  • Academic Quality Coordinators
  • Administrative Quality Coordinator
  • Other members may be co-opted for specific items under discussion
  • Administrative Officer (Quality Assurance Unit) as Secretary
The terms of reference of the University Quality Assurance Committee (UQAC) are:
  1. to lead the development and the review of Quality Assurance processes.
  2. to monitor the implementation of Quality Assurance processes and address any short-comings.
  3. to conduct internal audits.
  4. to assist in the conduct of institutional audits/external audits.
  5. to assist in the timely accreditation of programmes.
  6. to establish benchmarks with a view to measuring Quality Assurance processes.
  7. to promote a quality culture at the University.
Quality Assurance Unit
Mr. D. Venethethan, Head of Quality Assurance
Mrs. B. Gangabissoon, Administrative Officer

The Quality Assurance Unit is responsible for:

    • Developing and managing Quality Assurance systems, policies and practices and oversee their implementations.
    • Interacting with all groups of staff on Quality Assurance issues.
    • Leading the preparations for internal / external audits.
    • Producing Quality Assurance reports.
    • To provide leadership for quality assurance and good practices;
    • Lead, coordinate and support quality assurance across the UTM.
    • To recommend and advise on policies, processes and criteria for registration and accreditation.

Staff List

Mr D Venethethan (Head Quality Assurance)


Head of Quality Assurance
Mrs B Gangabissoon (AO - Quality Assurance Unit)


Administrative Officer