Study in Mauritius

Why study in Mauritius

In the last few years, Mauritius has increasingly become an attractive destination for students, offering world-class education at highly-competitive prices. International students from 69 different countries such as India, Madagascar, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Kenya, South-Africa, France come to study in Mauritius. The island boasts one of the highest enrolment rates in tertiary education in Africa, and it has committed itself to create the next generation of forward-looking and innovative leaders contributing to the transformation of the Republic of Mauritius into a high ranking, prosperous nation. The Mauritian public higher education sector currently hosts ten public Higher Education Institutions, including the University of Technology Mauritius. Students have access to courses leading to internationally recognised qualifications ranging from Diploma, Bachelor’s degrees, Masters courses to Doctoral degrees. Academic staff have advanced academic qualifications and participate in Continuous Professional Development to stay abreast with innovations in their respective fields which enables them to bring out the creativity and critical thinking of their students as well as preparing them for work readiness. 

All programmes of study at the UTM have for instance incorporated work placement as part of the learning experience to improve their employability skills and gain competitive advantage in the graduate job market. International students have the opportunity of working part time for a maximum of 20hrs per week without having to apply for a permit.English – the most spoken language in the world – is the official language of Mauritius whilst French is widely used as well, making it easy for foreign students to blend in. Creole is the mother tongue and most Mauritians equally understand and speak some other languages like Hindi and Urdu. The Government of Mauritius also awards scholarships to deserving students who are resident citizens of member states of the African Union or of an African Commonwealth country to pursue higher studies in a registered public Higher Education Institution in Mauritius. In a view to sustain its growing development, Mauritius has opened its doors for job market to foreign students who have studied in a tertiary education institution in the country. To be qualified, foreign students should have completed at least an undergraduate degree in a tertiary education institution in Mauritius to be eligible for a maximum 3-year Occupation Permit, depending on the duration of the contract of employment.