Alumni Relations Club

Alumni Relations Club


To establish strong alumni relationships that will serve as the foundation for a stronger UTM.


Providing a firm basis for volunteerism and philanthropic giving by assisting the UTM community in accessing the power of its legacy, the excellence of its people, and the value of its network in order to inspire the next generation and each other.

Are You Ready To Grow With The UTM Alumni Community?

It is estimated that UTM has already graduated more than 12,000 students who now hold diverse levels of responsibility in all sectors of the Republic of Mauritius’ social, economic, and political life. The majority, if not all, of these graduates value and are proud of the role UTM has played in their lives, and they would undoubtedly like to maintain active relations with UTM and contribute to its development.

The University of Technology, Mauritius recognizes and supports the necessity of keeping in touch with its graduates and integrating them in the university’s existence and progress. Alumni of UTM may indeed serve as:

  1. Role models, mentors and inspirational speakers for the existing UTM students.

  2. Important link between UTM and public and private sectors.

  3. Reviewers of the University teaching and research programs to make them market relevant.

  4. Mentors and guides for new UTM graduates entering the job-market.

  5. Ambassadors for UTM.

  6. Mobilizers or sources of funding for UTM’s development initiatives.

  7. Source of mutual support to each other as they sail through post-university life.

Similarly, UTM may continue to provide vital services to its Alumni, such as career counselling, access to learning services and resources for life-long learning, remaining connected with one another, and so on.

To achieve these gains the UTM Alumni Relations Unit was established in May 2021, which designs and implements numerous UTM Alumni Program that benefit both the University and the Alumni. The UTM Alumni Relations Unit is a vehicle for building relations between UTM and its Alumni, as well as amongst alumni themselves, for mutual benefit. Furthermore, the unit aspires to bring the Alumni together, to be of service to them, and to facilitate their engagement in UTM and the community.