Research Fields

Research Fields

School of Innovative Technologies and Engineering

Dr. Arshad Ahmud Iqbal PEERNumerical methods for differential equationsData development analysis  
Dr. Aslam Aly El Faidal SAIBGrey models and forecastingTime series econometricsFinancial volatility modelingNumerical methods for finance
Dr. Leila Hafeeza Mohammad DENMAMODESensory BrandingPackaging DesignVisual communicationOnline retailing
Professor(Dr). Nawaz MOHAMUDALLYMobile & pervasive computingWireless networksData science 
Dr. Shireen PANCHOOInformation systems/Intelligent systemsE-commerceTeaching and learning programming to children and adultsSmart learning environment/Learning space
Human interactions in social networksE-learning/Personalized learningOnline pedagogyContext awareness
Content analysisLearning analytics/VisualisationArtificial intelligenceOnline tutoring/Collaborative learning

School of Sustainable Development and Tourism

Professor (Dr). Chandradeo BOKHOREESustainability assessmentEnvironmental health analysisEnvironmental & energy systems modeling  
Dr(Mrs). Perunjodi NAIDOOTourismHospitalityServices management and marketingDestination experienceAgritourism
Quality of life and communitiesRecreation managementSustainable developmentIsland tourismResort tourism
Dr(Mrs). Prabha RAMSEOOK MUNHURRUNTourism and HospitalityServices marketing and managementConsumer behaviourTourist Experience 
Pro-environmental behaviourQuality of life and communitiesSMEs, sustainability and marketingDestination marketing and management 
Dr(Mrs). Soolakshna Desai BHIWAJEEHRMSustainable HRMGreen HRM practices (including Occupational Safety & Health)Work / Employment IssuesLeadership


School of Health Sciences

Dr(Mrs). Amitabye LUXIMON RAMMAPharmacologyPharmacotherapyPharmacokineticsTraditional medicinesFunctional foods
Nutritional scienceClinical trials/StudiesBiomedical Laboratory TechnologyBiomedical scienceBioinformatics
Environmental ScienceClimate change and HealthEnvironmental managementBiochemistryNatural plant products
Dr. Manish PUTTEERAJNeurobiologyBehavioral neuroscienceMolecular biologyNeuroendocrinologySubstance abuse disorders
Psychological disordersDevelopmental neuropsychology   
Dr(Mrs). Meera Jhoti SOMANAH BHUGOWANDEENNutritional sciencesTraditional medicine and TherapiesApplied clinical nutritionBiomedical sciencesNatural plant
Product applicationMolecular biology   

School of Business, Management and Finance 

Dr. Bhissum NOWBUTSINGInternational business and foreign direct investmentInternational trade: Exchange rate and trade competitivenessFiscal policies and tax reformsDevelopment and welfare economics
Dr(Mrs). Diroubinee MAUREE NARRAINENIT governance, Management information systemsKnowledge management and Related IT systemse-banking & IT Solutions related to financePeople & E-HR/KM technologies
SMEs & IT   
Professor(Dr). Hemant Birandranath CHITTOOPublic policy and management   
Professor (Dr). Dambeegan PADACHISmall business financeWorking capital managementFinancial literacyCapital structure
Corporate governanceSMEs  
Dr. Mohun Prasadsing ODITCorporate finance and Investment   
Dr. Needesh RAMPHULHuman resource managementPublic policyPerformance management systemLeadership and management development
Employee engagementOrganisational behaviourInternational HRM, and Sustainable HRM 
Dr(Mrs). Nirmala LOUNG POORUNDERPsychology topics related to clinical and organisational psychology   
Dr. Yuvraj SUNECHERFinance and statistics