Student Affairs Department

Office of Registrar

The Student Affairs Department operates under the Office of the Registrar. It is headed by an Administrative Officer under the supervision of an Acting Assistant Registrar. The Student Affairs Department puts the student at the centre of all its activities and plays an important role in the student’s journey from the time of the advertisement until he/she graduates. The department caters for diversified nature of activities inter alia:-

  • Provide information to students/potential students, on various courses offered at UTM
  • Assist students in their applications for courses as well as applications for loan facilities from various institutions
  • Process students’ applications for courses
  • Cater for students’ welfare
  • Provide assistance to students with disabilities
  • Provide guidance and counseling to students where required
  • Coordinate students’ extracurricular activities, such as organizing of events and other activities, in collaboration with the Students’ Union
  • Conduct student election
  • Assist Schools with respect to students’ work placement.  The work placement is mandatory for full-time students where prescribed by the programme concerned and it provides pre-professional work experience whereby the students will have the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge to solve real world problems in their chosen field of study. The work placement list is worked out at School level and submitted to Student Affairs for despatch.
  • Arrange transport to pick up students at the airport / service to international students
  • Providing support for accommodation
  • Participate in fairs and such events as to promote courses offered at UTM

Strategic Function

In addition, the Student Affairs Department has a strategic function.  It provides a one stop shop service to students such as:-

  • Information regarding programmes ranging from certificate, diploma, degree and post graduate degrees.
  • Information about fee structure, lecture schedules and other general queries.
  • Organize and manage students Induction
  • Organize and manage student induction in collaboration with the Marketing Department.
  • Handling students’ complaints

The Student Union members are UTM students (FT AND PT) elected annually and consists of full time and part time students of the University. The main objective of the Student Union is to promote general interests and welfare of the students of the University.

Student Union elected members year2020/2021
The University of Technology, Mauritius has 2 intakes per year (February/March and August/October)
Statistics - Students' Population as at date

International Office

The International Office operates under the Student Affairs. A dedicated staff assists the International Office in delivering distinctive services to international students from the day of the advertisement to the time of graduation.   Services provided by the dedicated staff includes:

  • Prompt responses to queries despite time differences
  • Individual support to students who need special care and attention or who feel homesick
  • Arrangement for pick up at the airport and ensure that they safely reach the landlord residence
  • Sort out any personal issues that the international students may have
  • Assist with visa enquiries, such as extensions or deadlines
  • Provides assistance to international students’ responsible parties in case of any particular concerns
  • Day to day support through a dedicated WhatsApp group for communicating important information and highlighting on pastoral care

Staff List



Admission Officer
Mrs S Ramlaggun (Ag. AO SITE

Mrs. Seija Ramluggun

Student Affairs Officer