Office of Registrar

Office of Registrar

The Registrar is the head of administration and leads the Central Administration of the University of Technology, Mauritius. The Registrar is responsible for student admissions, examinations, management/general administration, human resource matters, marketing, public relations and customer care.

The Registrar provides secretarial assistance to Board of Governors, Academic Council, Staff Committees and other sub-committees. Besides being responsible for all the assets and records of the organisation, it also takes charge of and coordinates the graduation ceremonies (convocation), as well as the celebration of other national events at the seat of UTM.

Since its existence, the Registrar’s Office has prominently responded to all the challenges and has played a fundamental role in the setting up of the process and procedures, which are mandatory for the successful execution of the university’s operations.

The Central Administration is under the leadership of the Director General assisted by the Registrar and plays a fundamental role in the University. 

The Registrar’s reponsibilities

To take full responsibility and to be accountable for all administrative functions of the University and provision of services, and such other duties as specified in the Statutes and Regulations.

To work closely with the Director-General as a key member of the University Senior Management Team, and to contribute fully to the future direction, operation and development of the University.

To think strategically, innovate, develop and implement policies and build and motivate teams towards the achievement of results.

To act as Secretary of the Board, the Staff Committee, the Academic Council and the School Boards, Appeals Committee, Disciplinary Committee and any other Committees set up by the Board.

To issue all advices in conveying meetings of the Board, the Staff Committee, the Academic Council, the School Boards, Boards of Examiners and of any Committees appointed by the authorities of the University.

To deal with all legal matters pertaining to the University.

To be responsible for human resource management matters.

To perform such cognate duties as may be assigned.

Memorandum of Understanding / Agreement

UTM has the following agreements with other institutions: -

Staff List


Ms. Dhawantee PEEROO (Nikita)


Mrs. Swastee GONDARRY

Confidential Secretary
Mrs C Bhowon (AO Registrar Office

Mrs. Chaaya L. BHOWON

Administrative Officer
Mrs J Geerjanan (Assistant Registrar (Office of Registrar)

Mrs. Jayshree GEERJANAN

Assistant Registrar
V Gungabissoon


Assistant Registrar

Mrs Prabhanumati BHOOBUN

Ag. Assistant Registrar
Mrs S Bonomally-Boodhoo


Assistant Registrar