Funded Projects

Ongoing Projects

School of Sustainable Development and Tourism

Principal Investigator (PI)Research Assistant (Actual)TitleFunding AgencyStart DateDuration (Year)
Dr(Mrs). Prabha RAMSEOOK MUNHURRUNAn Assessment of Student – University relationship with the University ExperienceUTM funded projectJune 2115 months
Dr(Mrs). Perunjodi NAIDOOInvestigating the Work Readiness of Young Adults to pursue a career in Tourism and Hospitality IndustryUTM funded projectJune 2118 months
Assoc. Prof. (Dr) S D LUKEA BHIWAJEEMiss. Nitisha Purusram DHONDHEEUnlocking Women Empowerment: The case of the Informal food production sector during lockdown in Mauritius’ red zonesUTM funded projectAug 2112 months
Mrs. Toshima MAKOONDLALL CHADEEMiss. Urvashi BABAJEEEducation for Sustainable Development (ESD) – The role of UTM in promoting ESD to face the global post COVID challengesUTM funded projectJan 2212 months
Mrs. Preeya Vijayalakshmee RAMASAMY COOLENMiss. Reshma SUNKURAssessing the contribution of UTM towards the Sustainable Development GoalsUTM funded projectAug 2112 months

School of Health Sciences

Principal Investigator (PI)Research Assistant (Actual)TitleFunding AgencyStart DateDuration (Year)
Co-Supervised by Dr(Mrs). Amitabye LUXIMON RAMMA at Open University of Mauritius1 PhD studentAn investigation into the current teaching methods and their impact on the performance and aptitude of Form 3 and 4 students in BiologyOpen University of Mauritius20166 yrs
Healthcare Workers Practices on Malaria Rapid Diagnosis Test and Management of Negative Test Results in Nigeria.Texila American University20203 yrs
An investigation of unintentional injuries in Child Care Settings,Mogoditshane/Thamaga Sub-District, Botswana20213 yrs
Biochemical, Genetic and Ultrastructure Alteration during Diabetic Therapy by Seed Extract of Nigella Sativa and its active compound Thymoquinone20213 yrs
Dr. C. A BHOLAH (Mauritius Research Council)Dr. M.J SOMANAH & Dr. Manish PUTTEERAJ (School of Health Sciences), Dr. R LUTCHUMUN (Ministry of Health and Wellness), Mrs. K. SAWMY (Kantar Analysis Co Ltd)Exercise Referral Mauritius- a 20-week pilot projectMauritius Sports CouncilJuly 226 months

School of Business, Management and Finance 

Principal Investigator (PI)Research Assistant (Actual)TitleFunding AgencyStart DateDuration (Year)
Professor(Dr). Hemant Birandranath CHITTOO Expanding the scope of the Community Learning and Engagement (CLEn) initiative at the University of Technology, MauritiusUTM Ongoing project
 Work Placement E-Platform Ongoing project
 Blended Learning UnitMay-20Ongoing
On and as required basis at Fin Club LtdFinclub Al Driven Risk AlgorithmFinance ClubMay/June 2022Ongoing project
 Child/Revenge PornographyMinister of Gender Equality and Family WelfareNov-21Ongoing
Professor(Dr). Hemant Birandranath CHITTOO,
Professor (Dr). Dambeegan PADACHI,
Dr. Needesh RAMPHUL,
Mrs. Aleesha BOOLAKY,
Dr(Mrs). Diroubinee MAUREE NARRAINEN
 Framework and guideline for implementation of disruptive innovation in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in developing countries
with the collaborators from University of Pretoria
Professor Hanlie Smuts (PI)
Lizette Weilbach
In negotiation with South African Authorities2021Ongoing project
Professor(Dr). Hemant Birandranath CHITTOO,
Dr. Needesh RAMPHUL
 Research in Business Analytics in Mauritius + Design of a Master in Programme in Business Analytics – Fulbright Fellowship RAKESH NIRAJFulbright ScholarshipAug-22Ongoing
 Research in Business Analytics in Mauritius + Design of a Master in Programme in Business Analytics – Fulbright Fellowship RAKESH NIRAJ
Professor (Dr). Dambeegan PADACHI Promoting Digital Literacy for Adoption of E – banking Services: A Strategy to Empower Women Entrepreneurs in MauritiusMRICJul-17Ongoing project
Mrs. Aleesha BOOLAKY 
Dr(Mrs). Diroubinee MAUREE NARRAINEN 
Dr. Yuvraj SUNECHER Modelling the number of intraday trading stocks using time series model’UTMSep-202 years
Mrs. Kiran ODIT DOOKHANSanju BACKORYThe Use of Social Media and the Academic Performance of Undergraduate University Students in MauritiusHECAug-212 years (Ongoing project)