My journey at UTM is definitely one I will cherish for life. Coming from Rodrigues Island where the tourism sector was blooming, three years ago, I chose UTM to pursue my studies in Tourism and Hospitality Management. These years have acted like stepping stones for me in understanding the basics of the tourism industry. The course introduced me to the world of Marketing, Business Communication, Financial Accounting, Statistics, Principles and Practice of Management, Accommodation Management, Human Resource Management, Services Marketing and Management, and Life Skills and Good Practices amongst others. The modules were challenging, but thankfully the lecturers were very supportive and provided relevant materials for their modules. The course fed my knowledge on the vital concept of sustainability and the importance of sustainable development in the tourism industry. I particularly enjoyed that the course provided the opportunity to learn a new language, which is a real advantage in the tourism sector. The course also took me out of my comfort zone; I remember when along with my team we had to organize the end of year lunch of UTM at Hilton Mauritius Resort and Spa as part of the Conference and Event Management module. This module gave me the opportunity to learn how to plan and organize an event from scratch by applying theory in real life and the event turned out to be a success. One of the most challenging part of my journey was the last semester where I had to work on my dissertation, do my work placement and cope with other modules. I know that the dissertation part sounds scary but rest assured; the module Research Methods for Tourism and Hospitality will prep you for that and moreover UTM makes sure to provide its students with the best dissertation supervisors who will guide you throughout. The last semester was also the period where I grew the most; I had the opportunity to dive into real-time experiences and acquire pre-professional work experience in the tourism and hospitality sector through the work placement required to fulfil the degree. The three years were far from easy, but definitely worth it when you get the final results. On a final note, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to UTM, SSDT and the amazing lecturers I worked with for giving me the opportunity to excel in the sector of my interest.

Audrey Rose

It is often said that we never stop learning. In fact, during my last 3 years of studying for a Ba(Hons) in Communication, I have not only learned the basics. I also developed a way of thinking and reacting through experiences and practices.

During my primary and high school education, I was not the girl who was always on the top three podiums. I was the one with too many ideas and lots of energy. Therefore, thinking that the University of  Technology, Mauritius would be a repetition of my preceding experience, I enrolled in the programme, keeping my fingers crossed. But it was a real surprise! I was amazed to find out that my qualities and  present work submitted prevailed over everything else. The aim during all modules and lectures is to prepare students for the qualities and qualifications that either employers, or them, as entrepreneurs, will be looking for when recruiting the workforce.

I will always remember the warmth and kindness of the lecturers, staff and non-teaching staff at the university, the help and support of my classmate and friend, and for the record, of the sleepless nights spent perfecting my assignments. It was not all rosy and simple, but I will keep this in mind and conclude by telling you this; Always embark on a journey where you will feel that every day is a new adventure, experience, lessons, and opportunities. For some, it may be trial and error. But at the end of the day, it will help you learn and grow.


The journey set forth when I joined the University of Technology, Mauritius, in 2019, to study Tourism & Hospitality Management, to broaden my knowledge of the industry, while developing my academic & professional skills. What inspired me to join the industry is the endeavour to have a dynamic and challenging life.
My experience at UTM has been tremendously enriching and rewarding. The rigor of the program was challenging, but achievable, through the guidance and support of the lecturers, to whom my mere expression of thanks likewise does not suffice. The latter is not only focused on the academic growth of their students but, also on their personal growth. The BTHM program has offered me the opportunity to develop an insight into career paths in the industry and to build professional networks through the diverse assignments, research, and project works given to us. Most importantly, it has improved my work readiness through its work placement module by ensuring a smooth transition from student life to the world of work. I can proudly say that these three years have not only broadened my academic knowledge, but it has also turned me into a responsible, disciplined, and mature individual, always ready to take up new challenges.
Shortly after the successful completion of this course, I was able to acquire a full-time position in a 5-star hotel. This course is opening many doors of opportunity at the national and international plan for me. My words of wisdom and encouragement to current students and future students willing to study at the University of Technology, Mauritius, would be, “Study is a long-term investment, the more you learn, the more you earn’’.


University is much more than just learning about a subject; it is about getting a lifelong experience in just a few years and doing things that you might never be able to do again. Every little thing in this world provides you with an experience and it highly depends on how YOU take that experience and execute it. My three years at the University of Technology, Mauritius have been excellent and a memory to cherish for lifetime. I personally treasure my study program – BSc (Hons) Tourism and Hospitality Management for being varied, diverse and having excellent course content like marketing, financial accounting, HRM, service operations management and travel management. And who knows that one day I might be working as a hotel or PR manager, financial executive, event organizer or travel agent. The program has undoubtedly revealed and inspired my true passion for tourism. Being a UTM student, I did receive lots of opportunities to groom myself and many thanks to the efforts of the School of Sustainable Development and Tourism (SSDT) and the ever inspiring and passionate in their field lecturers who helped me to recognize the talented part of myself. Being the Vice Class Representative of my cohort BTHM19AFT has boosted my inner confidence, approachability towards others and certainly the leadership quality. UTM has not only motivated me to be strong academically but has also helped me to be a better ME in life. I feel proud to be part of UTM and I am thankful to this institution for making me strong for professional careers ahead.

Goorcharane Kaliani

Sherihaan Burokur

“A guidance to success in IT”

The skills and experience I acquired during my BSc (Hons) Web Technologies at the University Of Technology, Mauritius made me an excellent candidate in my third year itself. This course requires the student to do an internship during the third year and that’s how I started my First Job as a Full Stack Developer. It was an enriching experience to be working while studying full time. My favourite part of this course was when I worked on my final year project, a health system and I could implement all the knowledge I got from this course to build it from scratch, working effortlessly until it became a success. I enjoyed my classes and lectures, they were all challenging in their own ways and with the help, the proper attention and the continuous support of my dedicated lecturers, I finally graduated from the University in 2019. It went by so fast yet I gained so much. Each hassel during this journey was worth the tassel!

Sherihaan Burokur

Mr. Kevin Padaruth, Bsc (Hons) Environment and Public Health

My ambition to join UTM has repeatedly reminded me to be the best resolution I have ever made as a
EMT/Firefighter. Lectures from UTM has given me the assurance to achieve everything I set my mind to.
I got the chance to be surrounded by supportive tutors and individuals who believed in my vision, inspired
my thoughts and help me achieve my goals. Remember to make your dreams a reality by being
courageous, fight for what you believe in and follow your dreams as your daily behavior reveals your
deepest beliefs. “Dreams don’t work unless you do”.
Mr. Kevin Padaruth

Ms. Maroushka Cassy, Bsc (Hons) Environment and Public Health

I joined UTM for the entitled BSc Environmental and Public Health program with no definite goal.
However, guidance from enthusiastic and devoted lecturers provided me a great insight into the academic
field and career path. I now have a much more optimistic objective and ambition for my career growth.
Following my graduation, I was offered for my first job and I’m at my best since UTM has already prepared
me for the outside world. The facilities provided by UTM, the assurance of SHS, and the dedication of the
lecturers had a significant and unparalleled contribution to the person I have evolved into today.
Besides, I can represent the 3 years spent at UTM as a rollercoaster experience where time flew in a blink
of an eye. This achievement was challenging yet possible with the support of my dear ones and the
commitment of my lecturers.
Much appreciated being part of the UTM label!
Ms. Maroushka Cassy


The diploma in Sports Teaching, Coaching and Exercise is a thorough course providing a professional breakthrough for future coaches, educators and anyone wishing to end up in a career in the sports domain. Being an all practitioner of sports activities, I’ve always wished to learn the theoretical and practical aspects of sports which have been fulfilled by this course. Moreover, being a fully-fledged Level 1 Coach in Archery and Volleyball, I have learnt a lot from the lecturers who were experts in their respective fields of study/teaching.
The friendly atmosphere prevailing at the campus and professional interaction between lecturers and students provided the necessary ingredients for the course which was a blended one (due to Covid-19). Our coordinators were very attentive to our needs and requirements and to the best of their abilities and capacities provided for the resources for our benefit. No doubt, when checking on external sources, the course is of international standards and covers aspects of psychology, pedagogy and other modules tailor-made in today’s fast-moving world in sports. Several areas learnt throughout the course have been of great help to me personally during my practical coaching sessions and have also involved the organisation and management aspects of sports accordingly.
Moreso, the top-up degree which has been recently introduced is another innovative feature aimed at further preparing the existing graduated diploma holders in their future sporting career. Last but not least, I would like to express
a word of gratitude to our coordinators and all those who have been involved
in the elaboration of the course under reference. Hat’s off!

Dr. Kavita Halkhoree

I selected the University of Technology, Mauritius to pursue my postgraduate studies in MSc. Health Services Management because it provides an impeccable education and expands knowledge through research in health care services. The choices of topics being taught provided me with a broad base of cognizance not just theoretically but also in practical health care setting which now I am implementing in my field of work. I had encountered many new subjects but the fact that all our teachers were so encouraging and they always provided a helping hand. Interaction with really intellectual personalities throughout the course gave me a strong background in health services management. I felt really supported by supervisor, the course coordinator, professors, lecturers and classmates throughout the course. The School of Health Sciences, UTM brings together people from all different managerial level of the health sector, but with the passion to keep learning and create a better aspect of seeing the health services
Dr. Kavita Halkhoree

Dr Zeid Rosun

I, Dr Zeid Rosun, will ever be grateful for the enriching experience I got from UTM. I loved the programme and enjoyed doing my thesis on Covid-19. The lecturers were really devoted and supportive. Special thanks to my supervisorfor her constant support and availability. Moreover, I was lucky enough to make wonderful and lifetime friends. Online classes were a whole new experience and were very interactive.”
Dr Zeid Rosun, MMH student

Christelle Madré

My name is Christelle Madré. I am a sports adept and I have successfully found a course at the University of Technology of Mauritius that suited my ambitions as coach and an upcoming physical educator. am a third-year student at the University of Technology of Mauritius. I followed the Diploma in Sports Training, Coaching and Exercise (DSTCE) course and I am actually completing my BSc.(Hons) Sports Coaching (Top-Up)course.
Being the first batch of the DSTCE in 2018 and BSC in 2021, we had to face some slight difficulties and adjustments regarding the courses. Covid-19 and online classes were some of the adjustments we had to make. Practical sessions were more difficult to organize due to sanitary measures.
Luckily, we had some extraordinary lecturers, mentors, and coordinators: Dr. Jhoty Somanah Bhugowandeen, program coordinator of the first DSTCE batch in 2018, and Dr.Manish Putteeraj, program coordinator of the first BSC batch in 2021. During these three years, all the lecturers were very responsive and tried their best to manage a sports class of approx. 20-30 different persons,with everyone’s unique abilities, beliefs, and ways of doing; no man was left behind.
The UTM Administration staffs were also very responsive, either through emails, calls, or on the premises. Regular emails are sent by the Administration members to inform students about ongoing events, competitions, or any information which pertains to students. The UTM Student Union were always keen to help students with any issues we might have encountered during our university years, ranging from personal issues or university issues.
If I had to choose again, I will surely choose UTM once more for the quality education provided there. From face-to-face classes to online classes, and practical sessions, the experience was always worth it. Thanks to the good supervision of the lecturers and program coordinators.
Christelle Madré

Dr. Vikash Halkhoree

It has been a colossal benefit and privilege to study at the University of Technology, Mauritius among so many intellectuals. The course (MSc Health Services Management) offered a mixture of modules enabling me to gain an understanding of methods to enforce health services which now I am implementing on a daily basis. I spent a positive time with all my class mates, lecturers, professors, supervisor and course coordinator who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to provide me with a unique, personalized and exquisite experience. I have grown immensely as a professional. The rich discussion during lectures have taught me to challenge and question any idea, opinion and piece of information. Above all, our respected teachers have guided in a friendly way towards the ultimate knowledge provided at the UTM. With the support, it has been really delightful experience to be part of the School of Health Sciences, UTM family.
Dr. Vikash Halkhoree

Dr Poonam Gungadin (Regional Health Director, SSRN Hospital), MSc Health Services Management

The University of Technology, Mauritius has crafted the curriculum of MSc Health services management in such a way that it suits all those aspiring a career in Healthcare leadership. The course thoroughly englobes the core aspects of Healthcare management. It has undoubtedly enhanced my leadership and management skills in my new post as a Regional Health Director. The health policy and quality assurance modules are immensely beneficial in developing systems and strategies towards significantly improving the quality of care of patients. Overall, gathering insights and information from skilled and talented facilitators was an exhilarating experience. I strongly recommend this course for future aspirants.
Dr Poonam Gungadin (Regional Health Director, SSRN Hospital),

Dr Nitish Sunt

My testimonial is the following:
“I have been a student of the School of Health Sciences, University of Technology, Mauritius for the past two years. After which, I graduated with a Master’s degree with Distinction. I must say that I have had a well-supported as well as high-yielding experience and knowledge in the field of mental health for a constructive career. I was given great assistance for the modules and coursework all along the course until my dissertation. Moreover, I must add that I ended the last semester during the COVID pandemic, which did not delay the ongoing semester as UTM SHS provided online classes with good assistance. Hence, I was able to complete the degree on time. The Convocation was conducted in March 2021.”
Dr Nitish Sunt