Sherihaan Burokur

“A guidance to success in IT”

The skills and experience I acquired during my BSc (Hons) Web Technologies at the University Of Technology, Mauritius made me an excellent candidate in my third year itself. This course requires the student to do an internship during the third year and that’s how I started my First Job as a Full Stack Developer. It was an enriching experience to be working while studying full time. My favourite part of this course was when I worked on my final year project, a health system and I could implement all the knowledge I got from this course to build it from scratch, working effortlessly until it became a success. I enjoyed my classes and lectures, they were all challenging in their own ways and with the help, the proper attention and the continuous support of my dedicated lecturers, I finally graduated from the University in 2019. It went by so fast yet I gained so much. Each hassel during this journey was worth the tassel!