University is much more than just learning about a subject; it is about getting a lifelong experience in just a few years and doing things that you might never be able to do again. Every little thing in this world provides you with an experience and it highly depends on how YOU take that experience and execute it. My three years at the University of Technology, Mauritius have been excellent and a memory to cherish for lifetime. I personally treasure my study program – BSc (Hons) Tourism and Hospitality Management for being varied, diverse and having excellent course content like marketing, financial accounting, HRM, service operations management and travel management. And who knows that one day I might be working as a hotel or PR manager, financial executive, event organizer or travel agent. The program has undoubtedly revealed and inspired my true passion for tourism. Being a UTM student, I did receive lots of opportunities to groom myself and many thanks to the efforts of the School of Sustainable Development and Tourism (SSDT) and the ever inspiring and passionate in their field lecturers who helped me to recognize the talented part of myself. Being the Vice Class Representative of my cohort BTHM19AFT has boosted my inner confidence, approachability towards others and certainly the leadership quality. UTM has not only motivated me to be strong academically but has also helped me to be a better ME in life. I feel proud to be part of UTM and I am thankful to this institution for making me strong for professional careers ahead.