The journey set forth when I joined the University of Technology, Mauritius, in 2019, to study Tourism & Hospitality Management, to broaden my knowledge of the industry, while developing my academic & professional skills. What inspired me to join the industry is the endeavour to have a dynamic and challenging life.
My experience at UTM has been tremendously enriching and rewarding. The rigor of the program was challenging, but achievable, through the guidance and support of the lecturers, to whom my mere expression of thanks likewise does not suffice. The latter is not only focused on the academic growth of their students but, also on their personal growth. The BTHM program has offered me the opportunity to develop an insight into career paths in the industry and to build professional networks through the diverse assignments, research, and project works given to us. Most importantly, it has improved my work readiness through its work placement module by ensuring a smooth transition from student life to the world of work. I can proudly say that these three years have not only broadened my academic knowledge, but it has also turned me into a responsible, disciplined, and mature individual, always ready to take up new challenges.
Shortly after the successful completion of this course, I was able to acquire a full-time position in a 5-star hotel. This course is opening many doors of opportunity at the national and international plan for me. My words of wisdom and encouragement to current students and future students willing to study at the University of Technology, Mauritius, would be, “Study is a long-term investment, the more you learn, the more you earn’’.