My journey at UTM is definitely one I will cherish for life. Coming from Rodrigues Island where the tourism sector was blooming, three years ago, I chose UTM to pursue my studies in Tourism and Hospitality Management. These years have acted like stepping stones for me in understanding the basics of the tourism industry. The course introduced me to the world of Marketing, Business Communication, Financial Accounting, Statistics, Principles and Practice of Management, Accommodation Management, Human Resource Management, Services Marketing and Management, and Life Skills and Good Practices amongst others. The modules were challenging, but thankfully the lecturers were very supportive and provided relevant materials for their modules. The course fed my knowledge on the vital concept of sustainability and the importance of sustainable development in the tourism industry. I particularly enjoyed that the course provided the opportunity to learn a new language, which is a real advantage in the tourism sector. The course also took me out of my comfort zone; I remember when along with my team we had to organize the end of year lunch of UTM at Hilton Mauritius Resort and Spa as part of the Conference and Event Management module. This module gave me the opportunity to learn how to plan and organize an event from scratch by applying theory in real life and the event turned out to be a success. One of the most challenging part of my journey was the last semester where I had to work on my dissertation, do my work placement and cope with other modules. I know that the dissertation part sounds scary but rest assured; the module Research Methods for Tourism and Hospitality will prep you for that and moreover UTM makes sure to provide its students with the best dissertation supervisors who will guide you throughout. The last semester was also the period where I grew the most; I had the opportunity to dive into real-time experiences and acquire pre-professional work experience in the tourism and hospitality sector through the work placement required to fulfil the degree. The three years were far from easy, but definitely worth it when you get the final results. On a final note, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to UTM, SSDT and the amazing lecturers I worked with for giving me the opportunity to excel in the sector of my interest.