BSc (Hons) Mathematics at University of Technology

Being part of the University of Technology, Mauritius (UTM) is a blessing to me. I adapted very quickly due to the welcoming nature of the university, though anxious at first. I will never forget the dedication of the lecturers of the Applied Mathematical Department of the UTM who left no stone unturned in making my study a successful experience.  Moreover, the other staff of the university were very polite and always helpful. I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics within four and a half years at the UTM. The part time facility has helped me immensely since I was already working. The experience achieved at the university enabled me to learn and communicate better, additionally grow stronger academically and professionally. I believe that after graduation, I will have many opportunities to achieve my professional goals and build up an outstanding career with my education. Thank you, UTM, for making my educational journey rich, fruitful and enjoyable. I encourage youngsters and working people to enroll at UTM for its quality of education and professional attitude.