BSc (Hons) Web Technologies

It is what they say – if it’s easy, it’s not worth it. Studying Web Technologies at

University of Technology, Mauritius was not the easiest achievement in my life but

definitely one of the best. The program perfectly blends theoretical together

with practical experience. After three years, I realised how the curriculum is

remarkably constructed thus we, as students, get exposed to the real

challenging computing world which awaits us.

The BSc (Hons) Web Technologies course allowed me to gain hands-on experience

from a variety of project-oriented modules that allowed me to come up with

innovative ideas. More importantly, these helped me in landing a fantastic job

even before the completion of my degree. Not to mention how privileged it

was to be surrounded by faculty members who genuinely cared about the

quality of education and were dedicated to seeing students succeed.

You will struggle, spend sleepless nights but always come back stronger,

smarter, laughing at the good times spent with classmates, lecturers and

ready to move further and higher.