Christelle Madré- (duplicate)

My name is Christelle Madré. I am a sports adept and I have successfully found a course
at the University of Technology of Mauritius that suited my ambitions as coach and an
upcoming physical educator. I am a third-year student at the University of Technology of
Mauritius. I followed the Diploma in Sports Training, Coaching and Exercise (DSTCE) course
and I am actually completing my BSc. (Hons) Sports Coaching (Top-Up) course.
Being the first batch of the DSTCE in 2018 and BSC in 2021, we had to face some
slight difficulties and adjustments regarding the courses. Covid-19 and online classes were
some of the adjustments we had to make. Practical sessions were more difficult to organize due
to sanitary measures.
Luckily, we had some extraordinary lecturers, mentors, and coordinators: Dr. Jhoty
Somanah-Bhugowandeen, program coordinator of the first DSTCE batch in 2018, and Dr.
Manish Putteeraj, program coordinator of the first BSC batch in 2021. During these three years,
all the lecturers were very responsive and tried their best to manage a sports class of approx.
20-30 different persons, with everyone’s unique abilities, beliefs, and ways of doing; no man
was left behind.
The UTM Administration staffs were also very responsive, either through emails, calls,
or on the premises. Regular emails are sent by the Administration members to inform students
about ongoing events, competitions, or any information which pertains to students. The UTM
Student Union were always keen to help students with any issues we might have encountered
during our university years, ranging from personal issues or university issues.
If I had to choose again, I will surely choose UTM once more for the quality education
provided there. From face-to-face classes to online classes, and practical sessions, the
experience was always worth it. Thanks to the good supervision of the lecturers and program