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Welcome to the Department of Business Management and Law. The department is committed tosupport the the School of Business Management and Finance to achieve its mission in developing students with the necessary knowledge, skills and competence sought by industry. This is being achieved through the use of high calibre instruction in classroom and online and sharing experience and knowledge from both Full time and Part time faculty members. Students are also sent for compulsory work placement in industry to gain valuable hands on knowledge, skills and attitudes in real life situations in Mauritius. We are also proud of our Alumni who are currently working in the diverse sectors of the economy both locally and abroad. Popular undergraduate and postgraduate programmes are being offered to students in the field of Business, Management, Law, Human Resource Management, Managerial psychology, Marketing, Project Management and Logistics and Transport Management. The Department is also planning to develop programmes in the field of Corporate Law, in Cyberlaw and in Business Analytics. The Department will forge ahead in offering more PhD programmes, a Professional Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) and Doctorate in Education (Ed.D). Staff of the department are actively involved in research and consultancy and thus helping in the advancement of knowledge in the field of Business, Management and Law all by reflecting the trust industry places in the academics of the Department and the School of Business Management and Finance. Students can only benefit from the academic and professional growth of the staff of the department. On behalf of the faculty members and administrative staff of the SBMF, I wish you best of luck for your studies in our department and success in any future endeavours that you will undertake.