Message of the Head of School of Sustainable Development & Tourism (SSDT)

Since its creation in 2008, the School of Sustainable Development and Tourism has been a key player at the national level, offering multi-disciplinary courses and consultancy services which are requisites to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Fostering education for Sustainable Development has always been fundamental through our various courses in diverse areas of interest; Tourism, Climate Change, Disaster Management, Sustainability, Communication and Public Relation, Social Sciences, Occupational Safety and Health and Urban Planning among others. Through our student-centred approach, our faculty staff cover the headline issues which our society and environment are facing today. Our courses help to promote our students as global citizens and future employees with the desired soft and technical skills. The school has successfully maintained, for the last ten years, the IOSH-UK accreditation for its programme in Occupational safety and health, and looks ahead with confidence of achieving other international recognition along with our local and international collaborators/partners. Besides our teaching and learning agenda, our research-oriented faculty members have increasingly been securing funded projects to strengthen our research mission. The school promisingly endeavours to continuously enhance its research publication portfolio through collaborative applied research initiatives. Together as a family team, our Academic and Administrative staff look forward to serving our students and other stakeholders.