Head of Department of Industrial Systems Engineering (ISE)

Welcome to the Department of Industrial System Engineering (ISE) within the School of Innovative Technologies and Engineering (SITE) at the vibrant campus of the University of Technology Mauritius. Whether you are beginning or continuing your educational journey with us, we look forward to learning, exploring, sharing and growing together. The department offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, both to local and international students, which provide opportunities for academic and experiential learning, and for personal and professional growth. Our mission is to develop forward-thinking graduates who are able to overcome challenges in an ever changing world using rigorous scientific knowledge, skills and acumen, teamwork and innovation. Over the years, the importance of paying attention not only to what is taught, but to how it is taught has become a trademark in the delivery of our programmes. Academic staffs in the department have the disposition, experience and knowledge to help shape minds and nurture students to help them transform their skills into employment opportunities. Together we engage in lifelong learning. It is this combination of multifaceted skills that enable our graduates to keep pace and adapt to this rapidly changing area of engineering and computing as professionals almost anywhere in the world.Get ready to face the challenges of the highly technological and changing world by joining our programmes to pursue an enriching career and reach your highest potential.