Message of the Head of Department of Tourism Leisure and Services

Dear Future Leaders,
As the Head of the Department of Tourism, Leisure, and Services at the University of Technology, Mauritius, I am thrilled to extend a warm invitation to passionate individuals seeking a transformative educational journey.
Our dynamic department offers a unique blend of academic excellence, hands-on experiences, and industry connections that pave the way for success in the vibrant world of travel, tourism, hospitality, services and communication. Whether your interests lie in event management, hospitality services, communication, services marketing and management or sustainable tourism, we have tailored programs designed to nurture your talents and aspirations.
Here’s why the University of Technology, Mauritius should be your destination for higher education:
1. Cutting-Edge Programs: Immerse yourself in cutting-edge programs that seamlessly integrate tourism, leisure, communication, and services marketing & management. Our holistic approach ensures a well-rounded education that meets the evolving needs of various industries.
2. Global Perspectives: Engage in a diverse and inclusive learning environment, gaining insights that transcend borders. Our curriculum equips you with the global mindset needed for success in today’s interconnected world.
3. Industry-Connected Faculty: Learn from experienced professionals and academics who bring real-world knowledge to the classroom. Benefit from their mentorship and industry connections throughout your academic journey.
4. A blended approach to teaching and learning: We recognize the importance of adapting to the needs of modern-day students. That’s why we have adopted a blended learning approach, combining traditional classroom experiences with cutting-edge online resources. This provides students with flexibility, interactive learning and hands-on real-world application examples.
5. Internship Opportunities: Leverage our strong network of industry partners to secure internships in tourism, leisure, services, and communication. These experiences bridge the gap between theory and practice, setting you on a trajectory towards a successful career.
Tailored Pathways:
Communication Programs: Hone your communication skills with specialized courses in public relations, digital media, and strategic communication. Become a storyteller and influencer in the ever-evolving communication landscape.
Travel and Tourism: Embark on a journey through our dedicated travel and tourism programs. Explore the world of sustainable tourism, event management, and hospitality services, gaining hands-on experiences that shape your future in this exciting industry.
Services Marketing & Management: Delve into the strategic side of service-oriented industries. Learn to develop and execute effective marketing strategies and manage service operations, preparing you for leadership roles in various service sectors.
Join us at the University of Technology, Mauritius and unlock the door to endless possibilities in tourism, leisure, services, and communication. Our blended learning model ensures that you receive a dynamic and adaptable education. Your transformative journey starts here – where education meets innovation.
Discover, Explore, Transform!
Best Regards,
Ms N. Vanessa Seebaluck
Head of the Department of Tourism, Leisure, Services, and Communication
School of Sustainable Development and Tourism
University of Technology, Mauritius