Message of the Head of Department of Environment, Science and Social Sustainability

It is with an immense pleasure that I welcome you to discover with us our commitment towards providing Sustainable Education for All. The Department of Environment, Science and Social Sustainability, is your gateway to become a responsible citizen and professional as all our programs on offer ranging from Diploma, Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs all focus on quality teaching and learning exchanges and address local, regional and international challenges. With the mission of the Department being to create socio-economic and environmental balance, with the clear communication between the staffs and students, we aim to bring a change in knowledge, attitude and behavior of all our students, to equip you to respond to the ongoing industry challenges. Studying at DESSS, with our variety of program in occupational safety and health, social sciences, education and environmental sustainability among others, we will equip you with the academic knowledge, social skills and more so it will empower you to sustainably manage organizational challenges on day- to day basis in this sustainably challenged business and social environment. Through our programs, be it as a fresher, a mature student or a researcher, you will be challenged to think out of the box, acquire the right knowledge and skills to foster attitudinal and behavioral change among your fellow classmates and future colleagues. Our committed academic team, holding a wide experience in curriculum design, teaching and learning, research is all evidence of the level of professionalism that you can expect from the Department. We will sustainably walk you through this unique experience and make your stay among us a memorable and unique one. Thank you once again for having entrusted your faith in the Department and rest assured as all our Alumni you will also be the right ambassador of this University.
Let us all embark for our Sustainable Future.