Message of the Head of Department of Environment, Science and Social Sustainability

Dear All,
I am personally very pleased to head the Dept. of Environment, Science and Social Sustainability and thus accompany you all in your learning journey towards sustainability. Your choice of study in any aspect pertaining to sustainability in our current VUCA context is indeed a testimony to your commitment to be a responsible citizen concerned about people, planet and profits. I am sure that my dedicated pool of staff will successfully lead your academic journey and enhance your skills and knowledge in any field of study that you wish to undertake. I also count on your kind commitment as students to duly fulfil your responsibilities on campus and thus be the future ambassadors of the department once you join your respective field of work. Do take good advantage of the various blended teaching and learning endeavours offered to you by your various resource persons, who will always nurture your quest for knowledge. I wish you all the very best in this enriching and sustainable journey of yours in our learned company. Let’s work together for a better and more sustainable tomorrow for all!