Ms. Maroushka Cassy -(duplicate)

I joined UTM for the entitled BSc Environmental and Public Health program with no definite goal. However, guidance from enthusiastic and devoted lecturers provided me a great insight into the academic field and career path. I now have a much more optimistic objective and ambition for my career growth.

Following my graduation, I was offered for my first job and I’m at my best since UTM has already prepared me for the outside world. The facilities provided by UTM, the assurance of SHS, and the dedication of the lecturers had a significant and unparalleled contribution to the person I have evolved into today.

Besides, I can represent the 3 years spent at UTM as a rollercoaster experience where time flew in a blink of an eye. This achievement was challenging yet possible with the support of my dear ones and the commitment of my lecturers.

Much appreciated being part of the UTM label!