R.Yallappa -(duplicate)

The diploma in Sports Teaching, Coaching and Exercise is a thorough course providing a professional breakthrough for future coaches, educators and anyone wishing to end up in a career in the sports domain.  Being an all practitioner of sports activities, I’ve always wished to learn the theoretical and practical aspects of sports which have been fulfilled by this course.  Moreover, being a fully-fledged Level 1 Coach in Archery and Volleyball, I have learnt a lot from the lecturers who were experts in their respective fields of study/teaching.

The friendly atmosphere prevailing at the campus and professional interaction between lecturers and students provided the necessary ingredients for the course which was a blended one (due to Covid-19).  Our coordinators were very attentive to our needs and requirements and to the best of their abilities and capacities provided for the resources for our benefit.  No doubt, when checking on external sources, the course is of international standards and covers aspects of psychology, pedagogy and other modules tailor-made in today’s fast-moving world in sports.  Several areas learnt throughout the course have been of great help to me personally during my practical coaching sessions and have also involved the organisation and management aspects of sports accordingly.

Moreso, the top-up degree which has been recently introduced is another innovative feature aimed at further preparing the existing graduated diploma holders in their future sporting career.  Last but not least, I would like to express a word of gratitude to our coordinators and all those who have been involved in the elaboration of the course under reference.  Hat’s off!