SBMF – HOS Message

The School has two departments, namely the department of Accounting, Finance and Economics and the Department of Business Management and Law. Our overriding objective is to continue responding to the new exigencies of the ever-evolving world of work. Nelson Mandela rightly said:  “Rhetoric is not important. Actions are.” Indeed, the unprecedented challenges triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic and the overall questioning of traditional teaching models has called upon the academic community to become more agile. To that end, faculties of the School has been proactive in adapting his teaching methods by, notably, enrolling in workshops on “Building Faculty Expertise in E-Learning” and follow the “FutureLearn – How to Teach Online”, to better support the students. Besides, since 2001 the School of Business Management and Finance has been a strategic partner of the Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Development. As such, the School has contributed to the capacity building of the finance and procurement cadre, an important segment of the public officers to drive the public sector reforms in financial management discipline and public procurement. The SBMF vision aligned with the UTM Vision is to fuse ‘education for life’ and ‘education for living’ together in harmony towards a sustainable societal transformation for Mauritius through different types of Knowledge, Skills, Attitudes, Behaviours, and values contributing in the making of a UTM – Unique, Talented & Motivated Graduate well equipped for the job market. Our mission is to groom our students for a rapidly changing world by instilling appropriate knowledge and Skills in Business, Management and Finance with critical thinking, problem solving, and business acumen towards becoming insightful leaders with balance between business foresight, performance, and character to perform effectively. Looking ahead, the School will remain committed towards reinforcing its positioning as an educational centre of excellence whilst continuously looking for ways to build capacity. To that end, the School will remain attentive to the demands of the industry and leverage on open dialogue with our different stakeholders. As we move forward, our students will remain at the centre stage of decision making.