Words of encouragement

The School of Health Sciences became operational in November 2015 with the aim of embracing Government’s vision to transform Mauritius into a knowledge and Medical Hub. Since then it has been growing steadily in terms of the number and diversity of programmes as well as the number of students enrolled directly under the UTM or through its affiliate, the Anna Medical College offering MBBS degree. Through its team of dynamic academic staff, the School is committed to support stakeholders in the public and private heath sectors by developing skilled health manpower to better face challengers such as the covid-19 pandemic, Ageing population and Non Communicable diseases.

We further dream to transform the School of Health Sciences into a leading research centre, with the active engagement of partners in the health industry, not only at national but also at international level. Our Diploma in sports Training, coaching and Exercise has reflected in emerging medallist athletes in international competitions. Similarly, the MBBS programme awarded by the UTM is recognized by medical councils internationally. As Head of School of Health Sciences, I invite prospective students to join our new and innovative undergraduate and postgraduate, diploma and degree programmes incorporating research and skills development.