Completed Projects

Completed Projects

School of Innovative Technologies and Engineering

Principal Investigator (PI)Research Assistant (Actual)TitleFunding AgencyStart DateDuration (Year)
Dr(Mrs). S. ARMOOGUMMr. Lownish SOOKHAMaucrop: An Al-Driven Interactive Mobile Application to Advice on Crop Selection and Cultivation for small scale crop farmers in MauritiusHECNov-182
Miss. Auliar Bibi RUFAIDA

School of Sustainable Development and Tourism

Principal Investigator (PI)Research Assistant (Actual)TitleFunding AgencyStart DateDuration (Year)
Dr. C. BOKHOREEMiss Reshma SUNKURProjecting the Impacts of Sea Level Rise in Mauritius: A Simulation Insight to analyse the readiness of coastal users towards implementation of adaptation/mitigation strategiesHECSep-192.5
Miss. Auliar Bibi RUFAIDAAgro Carbon A Framework for Managing Carbon Emissions from Small Scale Land-based crop and livestock farming Activities in Mauritius2
Dr(Ms). P. NAIDOOMr. Kewin Yeldy CESARScope and Opportunities for Agritourism Development in Mauritius, a market-based perspectiveAug-191.25
Dr(Mrs). P. Ramseook MUNHURRUNMiss. Sadhiska D. BHOOJEDHURThe Drivers Challenges of Creative and Innovative Sustainable Entrepreneurship Case of Souvenirs and Crafts Production in Mauritius
Dr(Mrs). P. Ramseook MUNHURRUNMrs. E M De la Roche SOUVESTREInvestigating the Challenges Faced by Women Employed in the Engineering and ICT Sectors in the Republic of MauritiusNov-181.5
Assoc. Prof. (Dr) S D LUKEA BHIWAJEENitisah PURUSRAMAn Exploratory Study of the Perceptions of Mauritian Banking Sector Professionals on Job Quality2
Mrs. Bibi Farzina LOWTUN-BOOLAKEEInvestigating the Readiness of Public Sector Officers to Adopt ICT Based Training in the Mauritian Public SectorDec-191.5
Mr. Hoviresh RAJPUTTY
Mrs. Peggy MOONIEN

School of Business, Management and Finance 

Principal Investigator (PI)Research Assistant (Actual)TitleFunding AgencyStart DateDuration (Year)
Dr. N. RAMPHULRushaa Banu BADALOO and othersAn Assessment of Governance Practices in the NGO Sector in the Republic of MauritiusHECApr-192