MSc Artificial Intelligence with Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence is changing the world, be part of the change.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming the way machines assist human beings in various ways, ranging from simple voice command and face recognition systems, to more advanced technologies such as improved medical diagnosis systems and self-driving vehicles. The dynamic evolution of AI technologies is shaping ahead a new society where machines are no longer programmed to execute tasks but can learn and take decisions on their own. Machine Learning (ML) is thus a very important component which is empowering and driving forward the various applications of AI. This programme focuses on the core principles of Machine Learning for AI, giving students the ability to understand and apply state of the art techniques to solve modern day challenges.
The MSc Artificial Intelligence with Machine Learning programme aims at enhancing the skills of the students by focusing on applied aspects of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Students will be in better position to understand how machines are trained to solve real world problems as well as the challenges faced by these systems and their limitations. Student will be able to take appropriate decisions about application of AI and ML in different fields.

Career Prospects

  • Machine Learning Engineer, Artificial Intelligence Consultant/Developer, Data Scientist, Machine Learning Researcher/Scientist, Big Data Engineer,


Knowledge of the fundamental computational and mathematical foundations of AI and ML
Understanding of the current ML algorithms and techniques
Ability to apply ML techniques in different domains using various method and tools
Understanding of the role of data and computing power for AI and ML
Knowledge of data processing techniques
Designing, programming and deployment capabilities of ML algorithms for autonomous systems


  • As per UTM’S Admissions Regulations, and ‘Admission to Programmes of Study at Master’s Degree Level’.
  • A honours degree in Computer Science/Software Engineering/Information Systems, Electronic Engineering, Mathematics with Computer Science, Physics with Computing or any other qualifications (academic or professional) with significant programming content acceptable to the University of Technology, Mauritius.


13 Lessons1 year (FT) / 1.5 years (PT)


Supervised Machine Learning Techniques
Data Processing Methods
Essential Mathematics for Machine Learning
Research Methods for Computing
Artificial Neural Networks
Ethics of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
Unsupervised Machine Learning Techniques
Big Data Analytics
Deep Learning Techniques
Smart Autonomous Systems
Reinforcement Learning
Enterprise AI Solutions