MSc Blockchain Technologies and Business Applications

Bringing the Blockchain and FinTech Revolution to life!

Blockchain technologies are geared to create new foundations for the local and global economy. According to Forbes, Blockchain has been described as the biggest innovation since the Internet and could boost the global economy by US$1.76 trillion by 2030.
Being disruptive in nature, Blockchain-based solutions will significantly alter the way consumers, industries, or businesses operate. It is important therefore that Mauritius embarks on its own journey to design and develop these solutions for the betterment of our systems and processes.
This programme, born out of a collaboration between the School of Innovative Technologies and Engineering (SITE) and the School of Business Management and Finance (SMBF), will help graduates acquire the knowledge and skills needed to tap into this burgeoning market. In addition, the Programme Design Committee also included other members from the Industry to provide a well-diversified programme meeting the local Blockchain education needs.

Interested Applicants are invited to consult the programme advert here. The advert contains all the relevant information and links required.

Career Prospects

  • This programme will provide many career development and growth opportunities. In software development companies, many blockchain applications will be developed. These companies will require blockchain programmers and developers, team leaders, blockchain system administrators amongst others. Law companies will require crypto experts while crypto businesses will require legal advisors since new laws will be written on the usage of cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, many governments are currently hiring crypto experts to advise them due to the cost-effectiveness of the technology. The solid base that the programme provides can also eventually lead to research work through an MPhil/PhD programme.


A fundamental knowledge of Blockchain as well as a wide range of transferable and marketable skills related to Blockchain technologies.
An in-depth exposé of the Blockchain architecture and all the components that makes it operational.
A good understanding of the legal aspects surrounding the Blockchain, at both national and international levels and an adequate programming proficiency for the development of Blockchain-based solutions
Access to a network of business professionals, developers, incubators, associations and other entities that make up the larger blockchain eco-system in the country and beyond.


  • General Entry Requirements:
  • Either:
  • (i) an Honours degree from a recognized University
  • Or: (ii) an approved professional qualification recognised as being equivalent to an honour’s degree by the Academic Council.
  • Or: (iii) an Ordinary Degree or a non-honours degree from a recognized University with at least 3 years of work experience in the relevant field which demonstrate that a candidate possesses appropriate knowledge and skills at a standard acceptable by the Academic Council.
  • Specific Programme Entry Requirements:
  • A Degree in a Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics field or equivalent with significant programming knowledge, acceptable to the University of Technology, Mauritius.


16 Lessons2 years Part-Time

Level 1 Semester 1

Blockchain Fundamentals
Cryptography in Blockchain
Blockchain Architecture Components
Blockchain Business Applications I
Programming Seminar

Level 1 Semester 2

Level 2 Semester 1

Level 2 Semester 2