MSc Immersive Media Technologies

Immerse, Innovate, Inspire: Crafting Tomorrow's Digital Realities

The MSc Immersive Media Technologies is a state-of-the-art programme with focus on immersive experience powered by sensors, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and computer vision. The programme places emphasis on the design and development of engaging contents for innovative user experiences. Interactive technologies like Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual reality (VR) and Mixed Reality (MR) combined with AI, social media and digital currency, are providing opportunities for multisensory and multimodal user experiences. This programme prepares students with the technical knowledge and skills to meet the challenges and competitive demand for innovation in our evolving and fast paced world.
The programme allows students access to high end VR equipment and full body immersive experiences. The programme bridges the gap between industry and academia by allowing students’ access to Hatch Labs. Students are encouraged to firmly support their development within a professional context by testing and applying their work in ‘real’ world situations. Upon successful completion of the course, students should be ready for work in immersive content and experiences development, entrepreneurship or to further their current employment. They will as well be equipped with necessary experience and information for further research in the field.

Career Prospects

  • This Programme will enable graduates to take on creative or technical role in immersive media development across a wide range of domains and industries. Typical career opportunities include XR Developer/Lead Developer, XR Human-Computer Interaction Designer, XR User Experience Specialist, XR Project Manager, XR Digital Asset Manager, XR Research Engineer, and XR Narrative Specialist, amongst others. In addition, candidates will find employment and business opportunities within domains that were not traditionally considered to be technical such as tourism, marketing and education, in particular their experience within networked virtual worlds (i.e. the Metaverse) will be highly valued as these are becoming cornerstones of business strategies.


to understand the technologies and industry standard tools used in the immersive media sector;
to understand the challenges and blend of creative and technical skills requirements of the immersive media sector;
to be better prepared to join a workforce that is positioned to meet industry’s rapidly innovative and transforming approaches through the use of immersive practices across different sectors;
to help students identify, master and develop specialist design processes;
to work closely with the industry and create strong professional relationship and profile.


  • General Entry Requirements:
  • A honours degree from a recognised university, or other equivalent qualifications as per UTM’S Admission Regulations.
  • Programme Entry Requirements:
  • A bachelor honours degree in the field of Information Technology, Interactive Media and Design, or a closely related field, or other qualifications (academic or professional) acceptable to the University of Technology, Mauritius.


12 Lessons1.5 Years


Research Methodology for Virtual and Augmented Reality
XR Technologies
Programming for Game Engines and Interactive Media
Production and Distribution of 3D Assets
Design Thinking for XR
Game Engine IDE
Immersive Content Creation and Narrative Design
Advanced Programming for Game Engines and Interactive Media
Graphics for Optimisation and Accessibility in Immersive Media
AR App Development
Multi Modal UI for XR