MSc in Information and Communication Technology with Specialisation in Networking

Gaining Specialist Knowledge of Building State-of-the-Art Network Systems.

The MSc programme in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) with Specialisation in Networking aims to provide a foundation upon which a graduate can build a successful career, that is, it provides a grounding in networking for graduates who have not studied networks, computing, and related areas at degree level.
The combination of the technology skills gained through this programme and the general competencies developed through the first degree in different fields other than network and computing (for example, Science, Engineering, Management, Accounting, Mathematics, etc) gives graduates a full span of experience, skills, and knowledge that are very attractive to ICT companies.

Career Prospects

  • To bridge the gap between available skills in the current labour market and industry requirements through
  • an industry-led training programme in Networks
  • To provide students with the opportunity to upgrade their skills and knowledge in specific industry focussed
  • technologies and to provide them with a critical awareness of current problems and new insights in
  • networking
  • To provide students the industrial-style methods of analysis, design, implementation, testing, and
  • documentation in advanced system design and development and enables them to evaluate critically current
  • research in networking fields
  • To provide students with knowledge and understanding of the legal, social, ethical and professional issues
  • related to network design and development and security.


Achieve a broad understanding and working knowledge of the network technologies
Intervene professionally at all levels of the hardware development life cycle and deal with complex issues, both systematically and creatively
Develop and write proper documentation for network-related projects
Acquire appropriate communication skills to handle various client-facing situations and solve complex problems
Be equipped with work-ready skills.


  • Any recognized Bachelor's Degree in any field other than Network and Computing areas. For example, a Bachelor's Degree in Engineering fields, Science, Management, Accounting, Design, Mathematics, acceptable to the University can be considered.


13 Lessons1.5 years (FT) / 2 years (PT)


Programming Complexity
Data Communications and Networking
Linux OS Architecture
LAN Switching and Wireless LAN
Web Development Frameworks and Tools
Server Management
WAN Technologies
Advanced Data-driven Application
Routing Techniques
Security Networking
Strategic Management
MSc ICT Capstone Project