MSc Managerial Psychology

Unravelling the secrets of the brain for managerial excellence.

Business is a very human enterprise. Not only are innovative products and services a result of human ingenuity, but influencing human behavior is also key to every other part of a business’ success.
Businesses are required to have skill and compassionate individuals who possess both an understanding of human behavior, and the know-how to leverage it to workplace success. The MSc in Managerial Psychology integrates the latest psychological research and the student shall be motivated to resolve challenging managerial issues. The programme comprises of various qualitative and human aspects of management and human resources.

Career Prospects

  • The programme aims at efficiently dealing with human capital issues which is instrumental in helping businesses/organisations become more effective and profitable, as well as improving
  • employees’ well-being and performance. The programme also aims at equipping students with psychological aspects of management knowledge and skills to operate effectively and efficiently as managers, business/management consultant, organizational advisor, and business psychologist, coaching program administrator employee selection and placement administrator, organizational consultant, training and development manager, college instructor, management consultant, middle manager, program development manager.


Provide all students with a wide range of skills, methods and theories concerning key applications of psychological principles and concepts to organisations and businesses today.
Emphasize on behavior of individuals in businesses and organisations to determine how to improve performance and productivity.
Explore various areas of human resources including selection, training, retention and succession planning, talent and knowledge management.
Utilize research methods and psychometrics tests and measures to facilitate research, interpret and evaluate research data at the workplace.
Better understand the psychological perspectives of creativity, innovation and change.
Build resilient leadership, supporting diverse cultures, and managing organizational change effectively.
Help managers understand fundamental concepts of human behavior at work including individual differences, personality, motivational aspirations, perception, etc.
Effectively manage people at work under stressful situations.


  • Graduates from a recognised university or other institutions of higher education with at least a second class honours degree or holders of an approved professional qualification deemed equivalent to an honours degree.
  • Or A recognized Diploma in the relevant field with at least 5 years of work experience
  • Or An approved professional qualification recognized as being equivalent to an honours degree
  • Or Other honours graduates or holders of an equivalent qualification may be admitted if they produce evidence which satisfies the School Board of their competence to pursue the programme
  • Or Other qualifications and/or experience which demonstrate that a candidate possesses
  • appropriate knowledge and skills at standard acceptable by the Academic Council.


10 Lessons2 years (PT)


Business Psychology
Psychology of Human Resources with an International Perspective
Business Research Methods
Psychological Testing at work
Psychology of Leadership, Change & Organisational Development
Managerial Psychology
Creativity, Innovation and Emotional Intelligence at Work
Psychology of Training and Development
Office Politics & Negotiation
Dissertation / Applied Project