BSc (Hons) Data Science with Interactive Marketing

The world is one big data problem.

Programme Information

In this digital and increasingly automated era, much data is produced through customer behavior and preferences, social networking sites, and machinery amongst others. Big data comes in huge volumes, variety, and at customary frequencies. This makes conventional statistical analysis of the data impractical.

Programme Aims and Objectives 

The BSc (Hons) Data Science with Interactive Marketing programme is designed to offer deep-rooted mathematical/statistical and analytical/computational skills to students, in view of empowering them with the necessary competencies required for volumetric data analysis in the context of digital marketing. The programme has been designed with a hands-on approach so that the skills and attributes inculcated may easily and practically be transferable to the industry.

Career Prospects

  • Data Scientists, Data Analyst, Marketing Analyst, Data and Analytics Manager


  • As per UTM’S Admissions Regulations


29 Lessons3 / 4.5 Years

Level 1

Applied Probability and Statistics I
Linear Algebra and Matrix Theory
Mathematical Reasoning
Communication and Team Working
Programming for Data Science I
Applied Probability and Statistics II
Information Management for Businesses
Marketing Management
Quantitative Methods for Marketing
Spreadsheet Modelling for Business Intelligence

Level 2

Level 3