BSc (Hons) Risk Management with Business Intelligence

The sworn course for avid software developers who want to change the world!

Learn the necessary process that aid corporations to develop business strategies through gathering, storing, analysing and converting raw corporate data into useful resources (answers) for decision – making
The degree aims to produce graduates who will be future leaders in corporate and public sectors. It equips students with the academic knowledge to operate in the increasingly competitive world of financial markets. The Programme is predominantly work oriented and is designed to meet the exigencies of the work place.

Career Prospects

  • This course prepare students for a career in jobs related to Risk Management and Business Intelligence, such as Risk officer, Risk Analyst, Risk Manager, Database Marketing Analyst, etc.


The Program is a first initiative to integrate Risk Management and Business Intelligence.
Responding to new needs in the business world, its enterprising interdisciplinary approach builds and synthesizes statistical, mathematical, financial, and information system techniques and tools to develop innovative professional skills.


  • (i) Cambridge School Certificate, with credits in subjects including English and Mathematics
  • and
  • (ii) Cambridge Higher School Certificate with at least 2 ‘A’ level subject.
  • Mathematics at advance level is a prerequisite.


27 Lessons3 years (FT) / 4.5 years (PT)

Level 1

Business Management
Quantitative Methods
Principles of Finance
Introduction To Calculus and Linear Algebra
Accounting for Finance
Equity and fixed income
Business Risk Management

Level 2

Level 3