MSc Educational Administration and Technology

The sworn course for avid software developers who want to change the world!

This two-year part-time Masters programme is designed to meet the needs of teachers, lecturers, trainers, educators, educational administrators, educational technologists rectors, principals, managers, policy makers and other professionals interested in the practical and theoretical issues of educational administration and technologies in educational settings. This programme is designed for practicing professionals in the education sector, and for those who aspire to hold positions of responsibility within the educational setting.
This programme aims to develop an understanding at the improvement of professional practice by extending knowledge, expertise and skills through the application of research findings to existing educational problems and issues.

Career Prospects

  • For those who wish to join the educational field by influence the management of today’s local educational institutions. This part-time MA programme will thus prepares students for leading today’s and tomorrow’s educational hubs by setting priorities, assessing the costs, and resources required for the holistic development of our educational institution in the quest to better serve the future generation.


Enhance their knowledge to improve their understanding of educational leadership & management.
Investigate ways in which effective leadership can be promoted and in so doing, transform educational institutions in order to become more effective and efficient in a rapidly changing and complex environment
Enhance their ability to critically evaluate educational research and carry out empirical based research so as to further enrich the field of educational leadership.


  • As per UTM’S Admissions Regulations, and ‘Admission to Programmes of Study at Masters Degree Level’.


15 Lessons2 years


Psychological Foundations of Education
School and Community Relations
Information Technology and Educational Administration
Educational Policy and Planning
Research Methods
Theoretical Foundations of Educational Administration
Quality Management
School Management in Practice
Electives: Financial and Managerial Accounting
Education, Technology and Change
Electives: Project Management
Electives: Corporate Social Responsibility
Electives: Educational and Administrative Law