MSc Sustainability for Business, Society and Environment

Paving the way towards a sustainable world

With an expanding global population, countries, both developed and developing ones, are facing the ever-growing challenges of meeting basic human needs in a sustainable manner. Individuals, communities, small businesses, multinational corporations, government bodies and non-government organizations, all are experiencing the consequences of key issues such as climate change, the depletion of fossil fuels as a main source of energy, the loss of biodiversity, food security, and water scarcity. This Masters programme has been designed as an inter-disciplinary course to address the complex relation between the three pillars of sustainability, namely the environment, the economy and the society. A central role of this programme is to help students gather the adequate skills and knowledge to equip them with a critical understanding and help envision better strategies for our future generations.
The primary aim of this programme is to allow participants of both public and private organizations to appreciate the sustainability agenda applicable to their company. It has also been designed for leaders from the not-for-profit or public sectors who wish to work together with the private sector to address sustainability challenges.

Career Prospects

  • The programme is designed for candidates who wish to practice as sustainability professionals, coordinators, advisers or consultants, for business leaders ,stainability Consultant, Corporate Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility officers, Environmental consultants and planners, Sustainable Business Strategist, amongst others in public, private and NGOs sectors.


Offer the opportunity to gather professional and technical skills required to appreciate sustainability issues and related global debates.
Develop an understanding of the process of economic, social and environmental policy development, implementation and enforcement.
Provide a firm foundation and practical research to allow reflections towards sustainable development protection and conservation.
Enable students to embed new environmental management strategies to ensure project sustainability.
Assist students in developing their critical skills to asses, evaluate and apply the notions of sustainability in their daily life (personal, organization, community, country)


  • As per UTM ‘Admissions Regulations’ and ‘Admission to Programmes of Study at Masters Degree Level’


16 Lessons1.5 years (FT) / 2 years (PT)


Principles and Theories of Sustainability
Sustainable Businesses and Environment
Innovation and Sustainability
Research Methods
Corporate Ethics and Values for Sustainability
Governance for Global Environmental Sustainability
Sustainability Assessment Tools
Sustainable Project Management
Disaster and Risk Reduction

Elective Modules