Short programme in Camera & Lighting

An Introduction to the field of Cinematography.

This course offers students a comprehensive understanding of the different perspectives associated with the operation of a camera. The course introduces the different shots, lighting set-ups, latest equipment and techniques used by the cinematography industry to achieve desired results. The course strongly encourages personal experiments through practicals.
The Camera & Lighting course teaches the concepts required for image acquisition using any camera, including mobile phones, DSLRs and professional cine cameras. Students learn to use aperture, focus and focal length to capture the desired visual look. The course also exposes students to the equipment, tools and techniques used on set for the proper lighting of a scene. The application of 3-point lighting for keying techniques (use of green screen background) is also included.

Career Prospects

  • Successful candidates will be able to work in the field of audiovisual production as camera assistants, lighting technicians and eventually camera operators.


Understand and use appropriate technical terms to refer to specific type of shots required.
Demonstrate skills to perform specific shots.
Understand, use and recommend the use of different supportive gears to achieve shots as required.
Demonstrate appropriate skills to vary required settings to operate camera for proper exposure, depth of field and focus.
Make use of appropriate microphone and audio hardware to acquire sound.


  • The course is open to applicants who have studied up to the School Certificate (S.C) or the General Certificate of
  • Education (G.C.E) ‘O’ Level or IGCSE. Participants will need to be computer literate and do have access to a camera capable of recording at a resolution of Full HD with a minimum frame rate of 24 fps. Mobile phone and Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) cameras are acceptable as devices. Learners are also expected to have access to some artificial lighting. Participants will also need to have access to an appropriate computing device capable of running the recent versions of Adobe Creative Suite.
  • For applicants under the National Skills Development Programme (NSDP), applicants should meet the eligibility criteria as set by the NSDP.


10 Lessons3 weeks and a maximum duration of 4 months

List Of Modules

Understanding the pre-production, production and post-production workflow
Introduction to Non-linear Editing
Overview of the production phase
Understanding the rules of composition
Going through the Shot types, camera movements and character shots
Understanding exposure
Supportive gears and techniques for cameras
Working with Natural and Artificial Lighting
3-point lighting
Overview of audio acquisition