Short programme in Film Editing

Discover the art of post-production!

This module covers the fundamentals of non-linear editing, from preparatory steps for shooting to the final video while emphasizing the various aspects present in postproduction. The course enable students to develop their skills using one of the leading industry video editing software, Adobe Premiere Pro
The film Editing course teaches the basics of visually narrating a story through moving images. The course provides an overview of the 3 phases of audiovisual production before introducing the Non-Linear Editing workflow. Participants learn how to edit, trim, assemble and export video sequences to produce video contents. By the end of the course, students gain the necessary skills to work on the post-production process for their own production.

Career Prospects

  • Successful candidates will be able to work in the field of audiovisual production as assistant video editors, audio-video technicians and video content creators.


Understand the whole workflow of digital film production from pre to post production.
Understand and apply the principles for creative scriptwriting and storytelling.
Operate at post-production level for video editing, colour grading, application of Special Effects (sfx) and sound design.
Produce films, short videos and documentaries.
Handle and operate the camera properly.


  • School Certificate (SC) or the General Certificate of Education (GCE) ‘O’ Level or IGCSE
  • Be Computer Literate
  • Have access to a camera capable of recording Full HD with a minimum frame rate of 24 fps
  • Have access to a computing device capable of running the recent versions of Adobe Creative Suite


5 Lessons3 weeks and a maximum duration of 4 months

List Of Modules

Full Time
Understanding the pre-production, production and post-production workflow
Introduction to Non-linear Editing
Importing, editing and exporting videos using Adobe Premiere Pro
Applying video effects and transitions
Perform voice over recording and work with audio files.