BA(Hons) Art and Design (Top Up) Collaborative Programme with FDI

Programme Information

Art and Design is a multi-disciplinary field focusing on the exploration of a wide range of techniques and methodologies in the art and design related to the domain fine arts and crafts, including, but not limited to, painting, sculptures, textiles, photography and digital media.

The BA (Hons) Art and Design (Top-Up) programme provides the techniques and methodologies necessary to pursue a range of Art and Design practices which focuses on developing creative and critical thinking, mastery of various techniques and processes, craftsmanship, art media and project development. The final major project will enable students to explore and develop connections between the wide range of art and design practices for problem solving. This Top-up degree may be taken over one year full-time or one and a half years part-time whereby students will have the opportunity to further enhance their career prospects by converting their diploma into a full BA degree. Students will have to make use of ideas, words and images to create visual communication across a range of media. In so doing, it responds to and generates a range of visual and cultural stimuli.

Programme Aims 

This BA (Hons) Art and Design programme provides opportunities for diploma holders to progress to degree level. The programme is designed to provide the students with the necessary methodologies and techniques through core modules that build to form an incremental approach to Art and Design practices. Students will emerge as highly creative and entrepreneurial practitioners in the field of art and design which will enable them to articulate and synthesise their knowledge and understanding, attributes and skills in effective ways within the contexts of creative practice, employment, further study, research and self-fulfilment.