BSc. (Hons.) in Early Childhood Care Management & Administration

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Learn the necessary knowledge which will expose childcare administrators/managers/teachers to the realities of the managerial experience and provide them with an integration of theoretical & practical knowledge for the solution of supervision and management problems arising in the daily running of childcare centers.
The programme aims is to an overview of the major concepts in supervision, management and administration for the effective management of Early Childhood Care centers.

Career Prospects

  • For those who wish to explore the challenges and dilemmas that school managers are encountering in early childhood settings and provide them with the necessary theoretical input.


To develop administrative and managerial competencies in Early Childhood Care supervision.
To discuss the needs, progress and development of the child as a means to delivering effective childcare.
To apply relevant legislation, policies and regulations for the effective management of early childhood care centers.


  • Either
  • (i) Cambridge School Certificate, with credits in 5 subjects including English and Mathematics
  • (ii) at least 3 years relevant work experience
  • Or
  • (ii) Cambridge Higher School Certificate with at least 2 ‘A’ level subjects.


21 Lessons3 years (FT) / 4.5 years (PT)

Level 1

Early Childhood development and pedagogy
Business Communication
Management of Early Childhood Care institutions
ICT for Early Childcare centres
Marketing Management
Child Day Care Management 1
Introductory Human resource Management
Accounting for decision making

Level 2

Level 3